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No Quarter: classic arcade game podcast

No Quarter episode #117: Pulsar

Hosted by Mike Maginnis and Carrington Vanston.

Theme sounds: arcade ambience project by Andy Hofle




January 11, 2015

Show Notes:
Ethan Marak's Lego arcade
Blinky: retro CRT word processor
Wizard of Wor for Atari 800
Rastan Sega Master System 2 Electric Guitars
Star Wars Theme on 2 electric guitars
Jose and son play Fix It Felix, Jr. at #HighScores arcade
Mame 0.156 cab with HLSL settings for a more CRT look
Playing With My Son: An experiment in forced nostalgia and questionable parenting
Internet Pinball Database: Hercules
Hercules pinball machine
The SNES Podcast
Pulsar arcade flyer: "Fingers" Malloy
Pulsar arcade owner's manual
Ten Pence Arcade #27: Pulsar
Game Mechanics Research Studio at Southern Illinois University
Maze Madness Review: Pulsar
eBay: vintage 1981 Pulsar arcade game collectible pin

Mike's high score: 40,200
Carrington's high score: 36,400

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