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No Quarter: classic arcade game podcast

No Quarter episode #54: Popeye

Hosted by Mike Maginnis and Carrington Vanston.

Theme sounds: arcade ambience project by Andy Hofle




Oct 20 2013

Show Notes:
List of arcade games you can play one-handed:
      - Pac-Man (and Ms., Jr., etc.)
      - Q*Bert
      - Zaxxon
      - Marble Madness
      - Crazy Balloon
      - Bubbles
      - Lady Bug
      - Nibbler
      - Make Trax
      - Mr. TNT
      - The Electric Yo-Yo
      - Pepper II
      - Frisky Tom
      - Jolly Jogger
      - Crossbow
      - Star Wars
Underground Retrocade installs No Quarter cabinet
Popeye: A Dream Walking (inspiration for Donkey Kong)
Popeye’s contribution to video-game history
Gemu no chichi, Yokoi Gunpei den: biography of Gunpei Yokoi
History of Popeye The Arcade Game
Popeye Gane & Watch

Mike's high score: 31,400
Carrington's high score: 31,550

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