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No Quarter: classic arcade game podcast

No Quarter episode #59: Tac/Scan

Hosted by Mike Maginnis and Carrington Vanston.

Theme sounds: arcade ambience project by Andy Hofle




Nov 24, 2013

Show Notes:
Health in Games by Joshua Cuneo
Kickstarter: Universal Arcade Joystick Adapter Plate
Largest video game ever: London Pac-Man
Largest video game ever: Piladelphia Skyscraper
Largest video game ever: LaserMAME
Invading Spaces: A Beginner's Guide to Collecting Arcade Games
Vectorbeam Warrior ported to Vectrex ... in 2012!
Fury Unlimited Vectrex games
Tac/Scan flyer
The Sega/Gremlin X-Y FAQ by Mark Jenison

Mike's high score: 74,300
Carrington's high score: 59,900

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