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No Quarter: classic arcade game podcast

No Quarter episode #85: RoboCop

Hosted by Mike Maginnis and Carrington Vanston.

Theme sounds: arcade ambience project by Andy Hofle




May 25, 2014

Show Notes:
International Flipper Pinball Association
Drop /// Inches: The Apple /// podcast
You Don't Know Flack podcast
Gameplay: The Story of the Videogame Revolution
Gameplay showing at the Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show
Warehouse Raid photos (incl. Marble Man cabinet)
David's Midnight Magic
Retro Gaming: Home Redecorating
Sheffield cutlery museum
Gremlin Graphics World
Ben Daglish
List of RoboCop video games
RoboCop on iOS
RoboCop on Android
Robocop Guide: How To Win Without Spending Real Money
I'd buy that for a dollar

Mike's high score: 103,320
Carrington's high score: 74,400

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