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No Quarter: classic arcade game podcast

No Quarter episode #96: Quasar

Hosted by Mike Maginnis and Carrington Vanston.

Theme sounds: arcade ambience project by Andy Hofle




August 10, 2014

Show Notes:
Steve Golson: From Crazy Otto to Ms. Pac-Man
Gamester81: Atari Black Widow Arcade Gameplay
How To Use MAME On Your Mac With Your X-Arcade
How to remove the "suicide battery" in Sega boardsets
Charles MacDonald's FD1094 site
The Dead Battery Society
Hitachi FD1089/FD1094 encryption emulation
Zaccaria Pinball
Zaccaria Quasar arcade manual
Quasar flyer #1
Quasar flyer #2
Quasar flyer #3
My first road trip: Zaccaria Quasar
Zaccaria Quasar trademark

Mike's high score: 1,610
Carrington's high score: 27,320

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